Special Links of the Society

Following are links to websites in the Santa Paula area that we thought you might find interesting.

Santa Paula Murals Project
A website dedicated to murals depicting Santa Paula's past. The project has been set up as a self-guided walking tour and is funded by donations.

Aviation Museum of Santa Paula
A website displaying an unusual “chain-of-hangars” museum that chronicles the aviation history of Santa Paula Airport--founded in 1930. The airport is home to many antique and experimental aircraft.

Santa Paula Ghostwalk
A website devoted to The Ghostwalk started by a group of Santa Paula Theater supporters. Their goal is to entertain by introducing theater to a new audience that might be more open to enjoying live theater at our beautiful, and award-winning, Santa Paula Theater Center. Not all of our ghosts are based on real people, but all of the tales are tied to historic people, incidents, disasters, or general history of the city of Santa Paula or the Santa Clara River Valley.

California Oil Museum
A website displaying permanent petroleum exhibits telling the story of the black bonanza that created wealth, work, and prosperity for generations of Californians. Rotating exhibits of science, technology, transportation, history, and art are presented throughout the year.

Discover Santa Paula
A tourism website for Santa Paula that will help enhance your knowledge of all of the registered historic sites as well as attractions and year-long events going on in the area. Santa Paula has 31 historic sites, the largest number in Ventura County.

Heritage Valley Tourism Bureau
A website showing off the beautiful Heritage Valley through which the Santa Clara River flows. It is a short drive from Los Angeles, Burbank, and Santa Barbara airports and is easily accessible from State Highway 101 or Interstate 5.

Car Rally at Steckle Park

Car Rally held at Steckle Park in 1910.